Ground And Airborne Technologies (Gaatech)

A small caring Company with high standards.  From single to multiple batch runs to locating that special material. We are here to listen and help you

GaaTech 3K Carbon Fiber Fr4 G10 G9 GPO3 & Other Tough Laminates

CNC Routing & Design Services. 3D Printing. Rapid Prototyping.

We have a great supply of 3K carbon fiber Fr4 G10 in various sheet sizes and many thickness’s.  We also have CNC routing in-house

Our mission

At GaaTech we strive to produce and stock unusual items for you to be able build your project.  Although we specialise in multirotor, uav, drone, mini quad, hexa, tri-copter, plane, car, and boats we also will help you with any other project or design you are working on.

Not A Model Shop

We do have a shop, but we are not a model shop, we do not stock, motors, tx, rx, batteries, motors, blades, etc;.

3D CAD, CNC Routing, 3K Carbon & Fr4/G10 Supplies

We are a design and fabrication company, though we do stock ancillary items that you may find useful.  We stock 3K Carbon Fiber, G10 and Fr4. Our list of designs and products stocked are constantly growing. We are always busy designing and manufacturing new parts that will be useful for you.

Customer Support

When you require a little help we are always at the other end of the phone.  We have help files and video on most of our products.

Our Story

Ground And Airborne Technologies (GaaTech) was started in 2013 because I found it impossible to have some carbon fiber CNC routed locally or via the internet within the UK.  I installed a CNC router found stock and started GaaTech.  We have grown from strength to strength.

  • Racing Quad Cutting 5% 5%
  • Commerscial CNC Routing 75% 75%
  • Own Designs 10% 10%
  • R & D 10% 10%
  • Happy Clients 100% 100%

We Can Find It For You

Over the years we have made many good very reliable contact through the industry.  If we are not able to directly help you, we most likely know a Company that can.

Much of what we do is behind NDA so can’t say anything about those. So don’t worry about sending us your information it safe. 

Take A Quick Look At Some Of What We Offer

3D Milling

Using your 3D files, we are able to produce to 3D parts fast and effectively in a range of materials.

2D CNC Routing

From your DXF files are are able to produce your parts fast and effectively in a wide range of materials.

Laminates & Materials

Fr4, G10, G9, GPO3 and other tough laminates.  Please send in an Email with your requirements


We stock 3K carbon fiber for one off, and small batch runs.  Mostly Matt but High Gloss is avaliable.

Clients Parts

A lot of what we do is covered with an NDA. but you can find a small selection of other more FUN parts here