Why Use GaaTechs Services

GaaTechs High Level Of Service

FR4 – G10 –  3K Carbon – Tough Laminates supplies. CNC Routing Service – 3D Design and 3D Printing

At GaaTech we strive to produce and stock unusual items for you to be able build your project.  Be it a multirotor, uav, drone, mini quad, hexa, tri-copter, plane, car, boat or any other project or design you are working on.

We are not a model shop, we do not stocks, motors, tx, rx, batteries, motors, blades, etc;.

We are a design and fabrication company, though we do stock ancillary items that you may find useful.

We stock 3K carbon Fiber, G10 and FR4 material sheet laminates. Our list of designs and products stocked are constantly growing. We are always busy designing and manufacturing new parts that will be useful for you.

Should you require a part that you think could be designed and manufactured from fr4/g10 or 3K carbon Fiber then please contact us.