Carbon Fiber Cutting Routing

Materials Cut

Carbon fiber cutting routing is what we specialise in, we also cut other tough laminates like Fr4 and G10 and many others.

We have a fast turn around and are parts are ready to use.  Before dispatch the parts are washed to remove the dust generated during the routing process.


Drawing Files

We like to work with the international standard of DXF files.  We find these easy to import into all of our computer systems.

We are able to work with other files but this can add additional conversion time.

jabber radio controlled motor bike wheel carbon fiber cutting routing
m3r radio controlled motor bike frame carbon fiber cutting routing
nesting parts on a cnc router table carbon fiber cutting routing

DXF Files

DXF files are perfect these are easy for our Clients to export / produce from their production files.  There is no requirement to add dimensions as the DXF file you export will be to 100% scale.

You may find our page on 2D & 3D CAD design of interest

Part Size

We are able to cut small and large parts.  We are able to cut up to 950 x 880 mm in house. We use various methods to secure your parts during the cutting process.  These include using our vacuum hold down, double side tapes and screwing the parts down.

Nesting Of Parts

Nesting – We are able to nest your parts to maximise the use of the materials.  There is not need for you to do this.  Just forward a DXF file of your parts and we will do the rest.  In the above example we have used large gaps between the parts so that the concept of the “nesting” process is easy to see.  The normal gaps would be just larger than the cutting bit being used.

FR4 G10 Supply And Routing

More details can be found on our range of Fr4 can be found HERE


Carbon Fibre

More information can be found about our carbon fibre HERE