Chinese Samurai wall clock CNC routed black Fr4

darth-vader-star-wars-wall-clockThe clock is made for black Fr4 / G10.  It measures around 330mm in diameter.  The clock is backed with a white plastic sheet to mask the clocks mechanism. This will be replaced with white plastic.  This was also cut on the CNC, though not shown in the video and stuck on the rear of the clock using a spray adhesive.

I was really happy how the clock turned out.  This is my first attempt at making one.  The mechanism was purchased off a well know website with four letters in its name.  I used red clock hands as they contrast well against the matt black finish of the FR4.

I will be selling wall clocks from my web store.

After making the wall clock my Wife liked it so much it is now on display in the house.

Feeling Proud