Chinese CNC Sprung Loaded Tool Height Setter – DANGEROUS

It took a while for the tool to arrive but it finally made it all the way from china.  The boxes was slightly damage but the goods inside were fine.

So if you have one of these, i have made a video about why the product as it was delivered is dangerous and should NOT be used until you understand how it works.

It’s a real shame as most of the product is well made just let down by:-

  1. Some poor threading.
  2. The way the lead is connected to the aluminium block.
  3. And the way the tool itself works, it is NOT 100% reliable and should not be used until you understand why.

It only take one malfunction of the tool and you could break a tool as you machine will NOT sense that the tool has touched the top of the tool height setter and your spindle will continue to plunge down possibly causing more damage to your CNC itself.

Having said that you should always be ready to pause the machine should the tool height setting procedure go wrong.

I wanted a sprung loaded tool setter as it give you a second or so the pause the operation should it fail. My fixed height on does not give me that. Though its connectivity within itself was 100% out of the box, unlike this new one which i have had to modify.

The video explains what and why i have done it.

I hope you find it of use and interesting.

In the video i find out why this tool is not as good as it could have been, and why i was so glad i took it apart to find out how it worked and why its dangerous to use out of the box.


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