Here I show  how to cut Fr4 / G10 by hand and with small power tools

How to cut tough sheet laminates by hand

It is more than possible to cut these  tough sheet laminates by hand. Here I show you a selection of both hand and small power tools to cut these tough laminates.

I use mainly Perma-Grit , a hack saw, a drill, rotary power tool and a file. Results were good, but time consuming and they created a lot of dust.  You must take care with regards the dust.  When cutting Fr4, g10 and carbon fiber the dust is very bad for your health.  Please make sure you take the correct safety measure, i mention dust masks in the video.

permagrit sanding block wedgeYou will see in the video that I use a Perma-Grit sanding block wedge.  This is a fantastic tool. course on one side smooth on the other.  The aluminium profile is nice to hold and give a very good finish.  They are not expensive and its an idea tool to have in you workshop.

cad bepsoke designed parts 2D and 3D CAD, cnc machingingThe video was recorded in real time so you can see the work being done, how slow it is and the dust that it makes.  make sure you wear a good quality P1 rated mask.