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How to Cut Fr4 G10 with hand and small power tools

Making Your CNC Routed fibreglass or carbon Parts Fit Together

lizard95 standard and new base plate No More Banana Bending

cutting cnc routing 3k carbon firber (fibre) 900 x 900 table

RGB Led Hardwood Headphone Stand

Land Speed Record


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A group of young engineers at the Joseph Whitaker School lead by their enthusiastic teacher Phil Worsley are designing two model cars powered by rocket fuel. How much fun does that sound. This video is to show the engineers how their carbon parts have been cut. They have already had the parts cut on a laser and this is to help them understand what and how a CNC router dose it. DXF files were sent and Gaatech converted them in to CNC code. There were a few small errors found on the drawings but these were corrected before cutting. As the carbon was a little under 2mm slight adjustments were made in the CNC file to allow for this. These adjustment should ensure that the male tongs are a tight fit in the female slots. A small amount of filing is to be expected to very slightly reduce the length of the male tongs to ensure the best fit. These cars are going to run along a steel cable. The speed runs are going to take place at Santa Pod Raceway later this year 2017, we hope in July. CAD Designed – CNC Routing – We produce standard and bespoke parts from Carbon & FR4 (G10) sheet material.es here

Part Tolerance

20 in to 20 want fit?  Why is that

CNC Tool Height Setter

This required modification to prevent it NOT sensing to tool bit touching it and driving itself into the part or table

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How to flash an ESC with new firmware