GaaTechs Clients Gallery

Gaatech Clients Projects.  Due to the nature of some of our designs being prototypes not all of our Clients granted use permission to publish their projects, listed below are a few who have.

Paul Cheetham- Catapult

Paul contacted me regarding some Fr4 to allow him to construct a catapult.  Paul purchased some white, black and red.  Below is the result.

Paul added:-

Please find attached a photo of a catapult I recently made for a customer using 1.6mm Black G10, 1.6mm Red G10 and 4.0mm Black G10 all supplied by yourself. Your G10 gives a far better finish, when polished, than G10 from China which has a more “plastic” feel, I suspect they are using an inferior resin. If this photo is of any use to you then please feel free to use it.

Pauls Facebook Page :- Custom Catapults

Pauls Instagram Page :- Custom_Catapults

fr4 used in the construction of a catapolt

Simon Delaney – HJ Y3 Tri Copter Solid Fr4 Arms

Simon contact me and required some solid Tri-Copter arms CNC routed.  Simon sent me one of his arms which I traced and turned in to a CAD file.  This was then converted in to a cutting file.

Tricopter solid arms
fr4 used in the upgrade of a tri-copter

Keith Geary – 3D CAD Design and 3D Printed Camera Mount

I have been working with Keith over the last few weeks to develop a 3D printed camera mount for a SOLO Quad Copter.

The Solo is used for survey work.

I had to 3D design and print a mount to hold a Sony QX1 Camera onto the bottom of the Solo.

3d printed camera mount
3d printed camera mount

Andy Davison

Inter-locking 4mm Black Fr4 Parts – The small square is only 18 x 20mm

I was looking for a supplier of FR4 material in 4mm thickness and needed only a part sheet, finding GAA Tech was a good find indeed but I could not believe my luck when I realised that they offer CNC routing , a one stop shop. The biggest bonus was yet to come once I sent my drawings over , a quick response with a price, I sent a PayPal payment @12:00 and the next day the goods arrived. Andy had not just responded very quickly but had made appropriate adjustments according to material thickness, the fit of these parts was superb. This level of response is rare and has encouraged me to resurrect a previously shelved idea. I know that Andy is someone who I can and will work with again.

inter locking Fr4 parts
inter locking Fr4 parts

Malc Barnard of RCTV-UK & Crafty Copters

While assisting a friend with refining a design I used GAATECH to cut some prototype parts. The service was fast efficient and friendly, the parts arrived in good time and the finish of the G10 parts ordered exceeded my expectations. I have a personal project under development and GAATECH will now be my go to guys in the UK for any prototype G10/FR4 parts.

Malcs YouTube Channel

mini quad
crafty copters

Nigel Fraser Ker – 3D Printed Eyepieces

A huge thank you to Andy at Gaatech for the amazingly fast turnaround for a couple of parts he just made for me. I have a binocular microscope which has rubber eye cups – rather like a pair of binoculars. The problem was that they appeared to be too close to the eyepieces to get a good picture. On train journey the other day I used a CAD package to draw an ‘extender’ tube which would move these rubber cups away by about 10mm. I sent Gaatech an order for two of these to be 3D printed expecting them to be done in a few days but by the time I had arrived I had received an email saying that they were ready for collection!!!!     Great service, many thanks Andy!

3D printed eye piece extenders

Alfonso de Lare Rubio

Its always nice to receive Client photos to be able to see what they have constructed from the parts that we cut them.

Fr4 black CNC routed plates
Fr4 black CNC routed plates
Fr4 black CNC routed plates
Fr4 black CNC routed plates
Fr4 black CNC routed plates
Fr4 black CNC routed plates
Fr4 black CNC routed plates RC motor bike cycle