Hardwood RGB LED Headphone Stand

Hardwood headphone stand with internal RGB Led’s

Hardwood headphone stand with internal RGB led’s

With wireless RF remote control


Four section of hardwood are CNC routed to fit your headphones perfectly.  Hand finished with wax for maximum luster.

Acrylic Panels

Positioned between the hardwood section are three acrylic panles.  These are edge lit to provide a varity of lighting effects.

RF Control

A small radio frequency (RF) hand controller is used to change the lighting effects to match your mood having auto and manual modes.

Work of Art

Not only is this stand practical but it’s a work of art, that will take pride of place in any surrounding.

CNC Routed & Hand Finished

These incredible hardwood RGB lit headphone stands are an idea way to show off your headphones.  The stands are custom designed to fit your headphone perfectly.

Our design ensure that your ear cups are perfectly positioned upon flats to ensure an even pressure to prevent any deformation.
The top of the stand is curved to match the profile of your headband providing perfect support and being aesthetically pleasing.
As these stands are soild hardwood they weigh approximately 1.8Kg (4lbs) when complete.  Felt pad on the bottom of the feet will ensure any furface remains scratch free.

rgb led headphone stand

RGB LED Hardwood Headphone Stand

A quick 2.2 minute video to show you around the headphone stand.  It will tell you a little about the thickness of the wood and the RGB LED control.


Custom designed to your exact requirements, beautify crafted from hardwood and finished and polished by hand.
The stands are approximately 26cm tall (10 inches), 15cm wide (6 inches) and 10cm deep (4 inches),12.5cm (5 inches) when having the option cable management facility.

rgb led headphone stand
rgb led headphone stand
rgb led headphone stand

What’s In Our Hardwood RGB LED Headphone Stands

Our hardwood RGB LED headphone stands are not only a very practical way to safely store your prised headphones, but also a way to show them off. These are not just stands, they are “a work of art”, that would look splendid upon any surface.

Each stand is tailored to perfectly fit your headphones.

Made from 4 layers of hardwood and three layers clear frosted acrylic sheets lit via RGB LED’s in the base.

The RGB LED’s are wireless controlled via a supplied hand held remote. Various light patterns can be displayed or fixed solid colours as required.

Powered via a 5 Volts standard power pack (not supplied). 5 volts at 1 amp with a 5mm x 2.1 mm standard power jack.

These hardwood stands are made to order. You just have to forward us just a few measurements.  We will send your a sizing chart, you only have to list a couple of dimensions and forward a photo of your headphones laying next to a ruler, its that simple.

With that information we are able to tweak the top curve of the stand to ensure that your headphones, head band fits perfectly.  You will note that the stand pictured, is shaped to ensure that both the headband and the ear cups fit perfectly on to the stand.  This prevents the headband from stretching and the ear cups from deforming.

Once assembled the unit is sanded, to a super smooth finish, and then the hardwood is carefully coated with layers of wax, and then buff to feel silky smooth.

The photos shows my own Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones.

In the photo you can see the headphones cable and the 5 volt supply entering the rear.

You will be required to measure your headphones so that we will be able to craft a stand to match your headphones shape and style.

It’s a simple process with only 3 measurements being required.  Documents coming soon.

Why do we ask you for measurements.

  1. So that we are able to tailor the stand to your headphones.
  2. Ensure the headband is correctly supported.
  3. To check that your ear cups are not under any undue pressure.
  4. To ensure a correct balance that looks great.

Four felt pads upon the underside of the legs will protect any surface.

You have any option for cable management or a simple sleek design.

Headphones not included shown for illustration purposes only.



rgb led headphone stand
rgb led headphone stand
rgb led headphone stand

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