How to Convert Your CAD Files Ready For CNC Routing

What to watch out for – I can save you money

converting CAD files to CNCA video to help you when designing your parts. I get you to think about how your parts are going to be CNC routed and how your design can affect the production cost.
We also talk about what is “dog boning” and how to assembly parts.
The video just introduces you to some points within the PDF.
The PDF has some photos which will explain many items that have caused me problems when converting files in to CNC data files.
The DXF file contain example of “Dog Boning”.


I hope that you find these of use and they help to reduce your production cost, I also look forward in being able to offer you my CAD and/or CNC routing service.

I am based in Surrey in the United Kingdom.
Both files can be found using the link below
help support files