Supplied from the UK & Italy – Fr4 G9 GPO3 G10 GRP Epoxy Eplastic glass laminate sheets plates

UK Supply Fr4 G9 GPO3 G10 GRP Epoxy Eplastic glass laminate sheets

FR4 – G10 – G9 – GPO3 In various sheet sizes, colours and thickness’s

We Supply Fr4 G9 GPO3 G10 GRP Epoxy Eplastic glass laminate sheets, natural, black, red and white.

We only stock FR4 – G10 only appears to allow google to find us better.  

Sheet sizes


2440 x 1220 and 1220 x 915

Our sheet are normally sawn cut unless you have requested CNC routed.  By being cut it keep the price lower.  Sawn cut sheets are +/- 2mm but normally much better

Thickness Tolerance


NOTE:- FR4 is manufactured to a tolerance with regards its thickness. If you require an exact thickness for a project please call before ordering. If thickness is vital, please contact us and we can measure our current batch.


Normally find that the thickness is +/- 5 to 12%  apart from the very thin sheets that are greater


mmmm +/-% +/-
0.2 to 1.20.05 – 0.1820.0
3.0 & 3.200.329.6


Surface Finish

All of our Fr4 sheets are classed as “Industrial Laminates” and not “Cosmetic Finished Panels” so some sheets may have slight surface imperfections, though generally the surface finish is totally flat and imperfection free. 


Surface Protection

If you have sheet made to order, normally black sheets you may ask for protection plastic sheets to be applied.  All other sheets are unprotected.


CNC Routing Service

We offer in-house CNC routing service

Technical Specification  – Fr4 (standard)


Fr4 prop

Technical Specification  – Fr4 (STATIC Dissipative)


UK Supply Fr4 G10 GRP Epoxy Eplastic glass laminate sheets

Technical Specification  – GPO3


UK Supply Fr4 G10 GRP Epoxy Eplastic glass laminate sheets
UK Supply Fr4 G9 GPO3 G10 GRP Epoxy Eplastic glass laminate sheets

FR4 is used for most of out flat parts and assemblies


FR4 Not G10

FR4 and G10 are very similar materials, put side by side you would not be able to tell the difference. They have the same strength, weight and look the same. FR4 is Fire Retardant – G10 is not.




Protect Yourself For The FR4 Dust

Warning – DUST:- If you are going to cut this product yourself ensure that your protect yourself against the dust that will be generated. We highly recommend that your wear a correctly rated half mask respirator. Protective respiratory masks comply to EN149:2001


FFP1 Total inward leakage 22% Filtering Efficiency 78%

FFP2 Total inward leakage 8% Filtering Efficiency 92%

FFP3 Total inward leakage 2% Filtering Efficiency 98% (N100 Equivalent)

This means that an FFP3 Respirator Mask would filter out at least 98% of the airborne repairable particles, whereas an FFP1 Respirator Mask would filter out at least 78% of the repairable particles. FFP3 Respirator Masks are therefore most efficient respiratory masks in filtering out fine particles including viruses, mould spores & asbestos. Therefore ensure that you purchase a good fitting FFP3 Mask.

Fr4 / Carbon Fiber Dust & Sharp Edges

Fr4, G10, Carbon Fiber and other tough laminates that we sell are cut / milled upon a CNC router or wet saw.  In this process dust is created.  We do our utmost to remove the dust via washing.

Care must be taken when handling these products and you must ensure to protect yourself against dust and any sharp edge, by wearing a suitable respirator / dust mask and gloves.


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