Pick and Place Machine – CNC – Picking up cap head bolts and placing them

I could watch this for hours! (Am I Sad?)

Fast moving machine cnc pick and place machine- picking and placing parts

cnc-machinesHaving recently attended a large engineering show in Surrey I was spell bound watching a CNC machine ( pick and place machine ) picking up cap head bolts and moving them from their stored location in to a hole in a machined part.

OK the machine was not threading the bolts in, but just placing them in to a holes

I was amazed at the speed at which it achieved this time after time with no smoke break or stopping for tea, great engineering.

Just link 3D printers, CNC Routers and Laser cutters and engravers they are interesting to watch.  Sometime it had to see that they are taking the shortest / quickest path but i am sure they are.

The video below is shown in REAL TIME i.e. not sped up