Aluminium Stand Off, Spacer, Pillar

Aluminium Stand Off / Spacer / Pillar

High quality aluminium ally stand off standoff spacers pillars

High Quality Anodised Aluminium Alloy Female Female Spacers / Stand off / Fixings / Pillar

Lots of radio controlled models and racing multi rotors, drones use these light weight aluminium fixings in their assembly.

Having a few spare in your box is always a good idea, ready should you have a really hard landing / crash.

These lightweight female female spacers / fixings / pillars are made from high grade anodised aluminium and are threaded both ends to a depth of 8mm. We offer a wide range of lengths.

We offer these parts in packs of 10units and for the 60mm lengths these are sold individually.

We currently offer various lengths of high quality anodised ( anodized ) aluminium alloy spacers

We believe that are prices are very competitive.

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