FR4 G10 Laminate Fibreglass GRP Glass Epoxy Sheets Plates

FR4 G10 Laminate Fibreglass GRP Glass Epoxy Sheets Plates NEMA

All of our sheets are FR4 .  We have FR4 – G10 Laminate sheets / plates, G10 in the title and description only for SEO reasons.

If you require more sheets than currently shown in stock, then please call.  We normally have larger sheets in stock that we can cut down.

FR-4 glass epoxy is a popular and versatile high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate grade with good strength to weight ratios having a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and outstanding electrical properties.   Perfect for many projects and designs, including boats, cars, planes, helicopters, quads, electrical and electronic projects, facial panels, control horns.

Other grades are available, G10, G11, FR5 and FR6

Stock & Sizes

We stock black and natural, with a limited stock of white and red.

Various sheet sizes  170 x 300, 200 x 300, 300 x 400, 450 x 600mm

We stock a range of thicknesses 0.2mm to 5mm.

All thicknesses have a +/- 8% tolerance.   If thickness is a concern please call and we will measure our stock before dispatch.

Both side of the sheets are very smooth.

All sheets sizes have a cut tolerance of +/- 2mm.  Though normally they are spot on or over sized.

Most of our black sheets come with protective film. Our natural sheets are un-protected.

FR4 Dust

Warning – These products FR4 G10 Laminate Fibreglass GRP Glass Epoxy Sheets Plates may contain traces of Fr4 dust left during the cutting process.  Please take the necessary precaution to protect yourself.  As the sheets have been cut on a CNC router / wet saw the edges are very square and may appear sharp to the touch.  Please ware gloves when handling as required.


All FR4 G10 Laminate Fibreglass GRP Glass Epoxy Sheets Plates sheets are dispatched in tough cardboard packets – We aim to ship the same day.  Not all of our sheets are actually pre-cut to the smaller sizes.  We cut from larger sheets.


The colours are representative only. Depending upon your screen setting the colours may vary.  Or NATURAL colour is the standard “Jade” colour and not GREEN.

WARNING:- If you order large 450 x 600 sheet(s) on a Friday, you will not receive it until Wednesday after midday.

If you selection required cutting it may not be dispatched the same day, but the next day.  If you have a critical deadline to meet, please call.

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