3D Printed 10 degree motor mount wedges – Impulse – Alien – 5

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Impulse Alien

10 Degree Motor Mount Wedges (angled plates)

3D printed motor mount wedges (angle plates) in Black ABS – 10 degree pitch.

Set of FOUR – Fixing bolts are NOT supplied

Made to fit motors with mounting holes at 16 and 19mm using 3mm bolts

Made to fit the Impulserc Alien 5″ frame.

impulserc.com – alien-5-fpv-frame

You are able to turn the motor mount wedge once to have installed the bolts to ensure the the motors are pointing in the correct direction. On the Alien frame the motors point slightly inwards and outwards on the front and rear motors.

If you require another angle please email with your details and a will design and print some for you.

So how do you know what motor mount bolts to order easy.

These mounts are for arms that leave the main
body at 90 degree.

If your design is like this then theses mounts
will work perfectly.

If you need these mounts for a craft where the
arms are NOT at a 90 angle to the main body you will need to tell us.

The name of the craft and what the angle is that the
arms are too the main body

If you fit these standard mounts to your craft
the motor will not only tilt forward but also inwards and
outwards slightly which will not make your craft fly well.

If you are unable to measure the angle you can
take a photo directly from above of the model and send it to us and we can take
an angled measurement from that.

If you need to take more than one photo that is

need to see both the front and rear arms as they may be at different angles

Motor Bolt Length

Measure the thickness of you motor arms, lets say 3mm

Most motors will allow the fixing bolts to screw into the bottom of the motor by 3mm. This is the normal dimension of the aluminium where the thread is.
You than will have a space before the motor winding. Always check your motors
for this dimension, do not use bolts that are too long as they will destroy your motors as the bolts will hit the windings and/or the motor wires.

So now you need a bolt of 6mm, plus the distance of the wedges.

The wedges will give you two different lengths due it its 10 degree angle.

3.4 mm and 6.1 mm

So form our example above you will need 2 bolts that are 10mm and two which are 12mm per motor. These dimension are standard lengths for screws.

If you have thicker or thinner arms you will have to adjust the length of the bolts accordingly.

Always check the length of the bolts before installing them, and also while you are winding them in to make sure

you do not damage your motors. You can always cut down the bolts with a junior hack saw or similar.

Once these are installed remember to change the setting on your flight controller.

As will all 3D FDM printed parts you will be able to see the layer lines if you look closely, and a VERY SMALL amount of clean up MAY be required. Any parts having bolt holes may require you to take the edge of the part where it has been stuck to the printer bed. A small needle file or sandpaper can be used, but this is not also ways required.

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updated 01/11/2016

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