FrSKY D4R-II 3D Printed Case – Horizontal

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3D Printed Case – Horizontal

For Maximum Diversity

3d printed case frsky rx d4r-ii horizontal maximum diversity complete with tough black straight PVC tube to support the antennas in a Horizontal direction.

The holes where the tube pass through are checked for size before dispatch.

The antenna wire are spread at 90 degrees for maximum diversity to help with long range reception.

The case allows you to connect the side plug.

What’s in the Kit:-

  1. 1No. Case in the Horizontal plane
  2. 2No. Lengths of tough PVC antenna tube.

To Install:-

Simple roughen up the bottom of the case, remove all dust and grease, apply a good quality double sided foam tape (not supplied)

Add a small drop of glue onto the antenna tubes to secure them in place.

Case and pipe only RX not included

Printed in tough ABS

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