Carolina XC Giant FPV Racing Frame

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These frame parts are cut to order

Lead Time 2-3 days

You only need to select one set of standoffs

You now have the option just to purchase JUST THE Top and Bottom Plates in thicker carbon 3 and 4mm – Make sure you select what you require

At this time we are NOT offering the arms for sale.  The 3D printed parts your can download the STL/STEP files and print/modify yourself, as required.  You will also need 70 M3 12mm bolts (remember to loctite them, we hope to have some bolts in stock soon)

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Carolina XC  –  X Class Drone Frame

Designed by Robert Wheeler (USA)  –

X Class Drone Racing Frame Plates

Robert Wheeler designed this frame for the X Class drone racing in the USA.  We are delighted to be able to make this frame under licence for him.  Being able to produce the frame plates this site of the pond opens up this racing class in the UK and Europe.

The frame plates are made up of high quality 2.5mm 3K carbon fiber, matt finish.  The UK plate are do not have a chamfered edge on one side, unlike the USA ones shown in the pictures.

The parts (plates) you will receive:-

  • 1No.  2.5mm Top plate
  • 1No. 2.5mm Bottom plate
  • 4No. Pairs of Top and Bottom Motor Mount Plates (8 plates)

If you order the aluminium standoffs you will receive 36 of them of your selected colour.

The 3D printed are will be available MRS (Multi Rotor Spares)  Or downloadable from here if you have your own 3D printer.  To assemble these plates you will require 72No 3mm 12mm bolts.


NOTE that your order can take 2-4 business days to ship as these frames are “cut to order”. 3D printed parts can be purchased from MRS (multirotor spares) link coming soon

Carolina XC (X Class) frame features

  • Frame body meets minimum size requirement of 5″ X 8″ for X Class Circuit Rules. Frame Body is 5.81″ X 8.92″
  • Multiple Arm configurations supported. 3D prints developed for 20mm, 21.5mm & 25mm Tubes, 20mm X 20mm Square Tubes and 20mm X 30mm Octagon Tubes. Also supports directly bolting arms between top and bottom frame plates without clamps or standoffs (4.1mm holes in all plates that can be opened up for larger bolts if needed). Note that 21.5mm tubes are all that has been currently tested. Anyone interested in testing the other mounts contact Robert Wheeler and he can work with you to refine them. Frame will allow for any arms to be clamped that fit between standoffs spaced 31mm center to center (26mm between standoffs).
  • Multiple Flight Controller mounting supported. 20mm X 20mm, 30.5mm X 30.5mm and 45mm X 45mm. Center and front mounted FC holes for 20mm X 20mm and 30.5mm X 30.5mm FC’s.
  • Multiple Motor Mounting supported. Hole patterns for 20mm X 20mm, 20mm X 25mm, 25mm X 25mm and 30mm X 30mm.
  • If using 3D printed parts there is an option for integrated ESC Mounts and Mini FPV Camera (i.e.:Runcam Micro Swift or similar)Mount.
  • FPV Camera Mount holes with pressnuts. Spaced 45mm X 45mm. Same spacing as MRM Reaper frame. Great 3D sells a Session Mount to fit this frame.
  • Frame CAD available as Free Download for anyone that wants to cut their own frame or make changes to it. Great 3D can cut your customized frame. Subject to Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial license.
  • 3D Prints available as Free Download for anyone that wants to print their own parts. 3D parts should be printed with TPU at 100% infill for maximum clamping on arms. .STEP file format also available for free download for those that want to customize their own clamps. Subject to Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial license.
  • Mounting holes for popular Blue Sea Systems DualBus 100A 5 circuit Bus Bar.

Designed by Plastic Spider Designs and a portion of the sale goes directly to them.

Many thanks to “Joey Drone” on the X Class Drone Facebook Group of the photos. “Happy racing Joey”

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