DJI NAZA GPS and Compass FR4 housing

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An FR4 CNC routed protection cage

For the DJI Compass / GPS unit

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DJI NAZA – Protection Housing

Normal size NAZA Unit – Small

FR4 plates and Nylon fixings

A tough housing for your DJI Naza GPS and Compass.

Cut from 1.6mm black FR4 and assembled with nylon hex stand offs and nylon screws.

Nylons screws are used so as not to interferer with the GPS and Compass unit.

We recommend using some glue on the threads of the bolts to prevent them from vibrating loose

If you need a fordable antenna pole look here.

What you get in the packet:-

1. Top and bottom FR4 CNC routed plates
2. 5No. M3 Hex stand off female-female
3. 10No. M3 nylon screws

NAZA unit not included


Whenever installing new parts or moving the GPS and/or compass unit ensure you read your instruction manual and calibrate as necessary.

Additional information

Weight0.015 kg

Made from 1.5mm black Fr4 / G10with nylon fixing


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