FR4 G10 G9 Glass Epoxy Fibreglass Sheet GRP Laminate UK Stock – Natural

FR4 Fibre Glass Sheet (GRP) – Natural

If the product shows “out of stock” then please call as we more than likely have a larger sheet that we can trim down.
The 170 x 300mm sheets are being phased out – when they are gone they will not be re-cut the next sheet size up is 200 x 300mm

WARNING:- If you order large 450 x 600 sheet(s) on a Friday, you will not receive it until Wednesday after midday.


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FR4 / G10 Fibre Glass Sheets (GRP) Laminate Supplies – Natural

G11 G10 G9 FR4 M37

ALL OF OUR SHEETS ARE FR4 GRADE.  Flame retardant high pressure laminate epoxy resin and woven glass cloth sheet / panel / plates

Surface Finish: Very smooth satin dull gloss finish both sides.

Image is for illustration purposes only.

Fibreglass flat sheet prices :- use the dropdown menu box above to select the sheet size and thickness that you require

Our Fr4 and G10 are very similar – Fr4 is fire retardant.  You can find more information here  FR4 / G11 G10 G9 M37 Epoxy Fibreglass Sheets GRP Laminate Natural UK Stock

This tough laminate epoxy glass can be cut by hand. When cutting this type of material you must wear the correct protective equipment and have some kind of extract system. A most versatile all-round laminate, widely used the the electronics industry, as water absorption is all most zero, making it an outstanding insulator.

GaaTechs Fr4 can be substituted when G10 is specified, though G10 cant be substituted where Fr4 is specified.

Great for knife handle, knife scales, chassis, PCB, UAV, drones, cars, boats, plains, gliders and many other projects.


Below is a video that I produced where I show a number of hand tools being used and the results they produce.  The tools I mainly used were Perma-Grit ones.

If you are unable to cut you own material we offer a full CNC routing service. We are happy to cut “one offs” to production runs.

Grab your self a drink, sit back and relax a watch this informative video.  If you try this please ensure that you wear the correct personal protection equipment.  The dust produced is hazardous to your health, and great care must be taken.

Paul Cheetham- Catapult

Paul contacted me regarding some Fr4 to allow him to construct a catapult. Paul purchased some white, black and red. Below is the result.

Paul added:-

Please find attached a photo of a catapult I recently made for a customer using 1.6mm Black G10, 1.6mm Red G10 and 4.0mm Black G10 all supplied by yourself. Your G10 gives a far better finish, when polished, than G10 from China which has a more “plastic” feel.  I suspect they are using an inferior resin. If this photo is of any use to you then please feel free to use it.

Pauls Facebook Page :- Custom Catapults

catapult FR4 / G10 G9 Epoxy Fibreglass Sheets GRP Laminate Natural UK Stock











Due to the nature of some of our designs being prototypes not all of our Clients granted use permission to publish their projects, use this link to see the ones that have



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Our Epoxy Glass is a very strong, flame retardant high pressure laminate of epoxy resin and woven glass cloth.

FR4 / G11 G10 G9 M37 Epoxy Fibreglass Sheets GRP Laminate Natural UK Stock

G10 Glass Epoxy Polycarbonate Sheets Online Dealer  FR4 is a fire retardant grade of G10.

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