FrSKY X8R/L9R Antenna Spacer – Vertical Short Arms

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FrSky 8XR Horizontal Antenna Spacer

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FrSky 8XR/L9R Antenna Short Spacer

3D Printed Vertical FrSky Antenna Spacer


This mount fits both the X8R and L9R receivers

This antenna spacer does a couple of things.

It holds the antenna at 45 degree to each other and it also holds the antenna at 90 degree to each other for maximum diversity.

This spacer is stuck to your craft and the antenna with go up (or down) vertically from the surface it is stuck upon.

The length of the arms are 93mm from the rear of the mount and to the tips of the antenns when installed 110mm

The base of this mount now comes with 2No. 3mm holes. This is to allow you to bolt the mount down (bolts not supplied). This will ensure that the antenna mount stays vertical

The reason the RX is not inside the case is that it allows you to position your RX slightly inside your frame for protection.

Simply used a good quality double sided foam tape (not supplied) to stick the antenna holder in position. Ensure that you roughen up the underside of the antenna mount and the surface you are sticking it too, the surface must also be free from all grease, dirt and dust. Once it is stuck on test the security of the mount.

The Mount also has 2No. 3mm holes in the base so that you can bolt it down onto your frame. This was a feature asked for by the long range flyers to ensure that the antenna mount stays permanently vertical to the frame. (fixing bots not supplied with the mount)

The mount has thin slot down the length of both arm for the antenna wire to be located, a dab of hot glue will help.

The O rings have now been replaced with heat shrink

The unit weighs 8g

This is a 3D printed part and as such the surfaces are not totally flat or without very slight imperfection (though the quality is very good).

The RX is not supplied in this kit its for demonstration purposes only.

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