Phantom External Battery Trays 2200mah

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DJI Phantom Side Battery Tray


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DJI Phantom

External Battery Trays


Designed for 2200mah Batteries

Made from 1.6mm WHITE FR4 these can be fitted in minutes. They just fit between the existing legs and the main body of the Phantom.

Designed to carry two external 11.1 volt 2200 mah batteries packs. Allow you to almost double your flight time.
These mount can also be fitted to the V2 frame as shown in the video.

Remove the bolts securing your legs and discard the bolts.
Position the battery tray between the body and the legs and use the supplied bolts.
Remember to use the appropriate thread lock to prevent the bolts from vibrating loose. DO NOT USE standard blue thread lock otherwise you will melt the plastic body of your Phantom. Please see this VIDEO

After installation ensure that your re-calibrate your flight controller. Always fly with two identical batteries to ensure that your Phantom is balanced.

What’s in the Kit:-

1. One pair of white FR4 side battery trays.
2. Hardward – stainless steel bolts.

>Should you require “hook and loop” type battery straps these can be found in our store here.
The Phantom, battery, props, camera mount/gimbal, motors etc are only shown for demonstration purposes.

Do not use these two batteries when carrying a camera gimbal and camera as well. By adding the additional battery and the trays you add (192g approx) depending what make of batteries you use. The Phantom V1 was never designed to carry twin batteries, camera gimbal and a camera, it just to heavy, your motors will overheat, your speed controller may fail, which may result in a crash.

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