RC Motor Bike Dual Stand With Tyre Warmer Module Space

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Dual RC Motor Bike Stand With
Space For Tyre Warmer Module


A tough, well made and practical dual
RC motor bike stand

Made from Black G10 and connected by black aluminium spacers. Currently being shipped with CLEAR pipe for the tools to be inserted.

Two of the four runners are provided with rubber channels to prevent the frame from sliding across your working area.

Two of the four “V” shaped sections are also provided with rubber channels this does two things:-

  • Prevent damage to your body shells
  • Prevent the bike from moving once inserted

Parts Included

  1.   4 No. Black Fr4 plates.
  2.   2 No. Long sections of rubber edging. 2No. 223mm
  3.   2 No. Short sections of rubber edging. 2No. 110mm
  4.  12 No. 25mm spacers.
  5.  6 No. 35mm spacers.
  6.  36No. 3mm bolts.
  7.   1 No. section CLEAR  pipe 500mm long.

Cut the  pipe into 4 equal lengths. Before installing the pipe dip it in to hot water. This will help you push it through the holes which are meant to be tight. Thread, rather than pull the pipe through the frames before you bolt the frames together. Then complete building the frame as shown in the video.


Notice the cut out in the second frame this is to allow the tyre warmer module to be installed. The frames are all black. They are shown different colours just to help you see them.

Before you cut the pipe to length leave it to stand at room temp for around 1 hour this will allow the pipe to assume its normal length. If you do not do this what can happen is after you trim the pipe to length it may shrink in size very slightly and not end up flash with the front and rear frames.

This stand has been tested with a M3R, Jabber and KP bike with body shell fitted

This is for the stand only, we do not sell the tyre warmer module. RC bike not included

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1 review for RC Motor Bike Dual Stand With Tyre Warmer Module Space

  1. John (verified owner)

    New to rc bikes and was looking for a functional and well made stand. Communication was first class and stand everything I hoped it would be.

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