Runcam FPV Mount – 20 Degree Tilt

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Runcam ZMR 250 Mount

Angled 20 Degree Mount

With Anti-Ejection and Lens Protection

A 3D printed mount for a Runcam FPV camera with built-in anti-ejection and lens protection which helps to protect the lens from impact damage.

Can be used with or without the anti vibration bobbins that are supplied with the ZMR250 kits.

You can mount this on most other frames using hook and loop tape etc.

Slots in the bottom of the mount allow you to fixed it directly to the frame by using zip ties or straps (not supplied).

Holes around the mount allow you to tie the mount to the frame and also the Runcam to the mount.

The rubber band also prevents the SD card from ejecting

Only supplied with a mounting rubber band (anti vibration bobbins not included they come with your frame)

Product in-stock or are printed to order

(Runcam not supplied demostartion only)

3D printed in ABS

Photos are coming but its the same as the 12 degree one as shown just at a steeper angle. New photos should be up at the weekend

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