Nigel Fraser Ker – 3D Printed Eyepieces

A huge thank you to Andy at Gaatech for the amazingly fast turnaround for a couple of parts he just made for me. I have a binocular microscope which has rubber eye cups – rather like a pair of binoculars. The problem was that they appeared to be too close to the eyepieces to get a good picture. On train journey the other day I used a CAD package to draw an ‘extender’ tube which would move these rubber cups away by about 10mm. I sent Gaatech an order for two of these to be 3D printed expecting them to be done in a few days but by the time I had arrived I had received an email saying that they were ready for collection!!!!     Great service, many thanks Andy!

3d printed eye cups
fr4 g10 carbon fiber fibre supply and cnc routing

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