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Quanum Neon 250

Quanum NEON 250 Carbon Race Frame Kit With LEDs

This is a frame from HobbyKing. A cheap carbon 250mm sized frame with LED’s front and back.

But there is a problem if you try and install 1804 motors that are only 15mm high, that’s from the bottom of the motor to the top of the motor can where the bottom of the prop is going to sit.

quantom hobbyking

A Quick Bespoke 3D Design And 3D Printed Request

A Client approached me with  a problem that he required solving.  His motors, Emax 1804 2480Kv  were not tall enough.  When a standard Emax  1804 motor is installed the props would not clear the top of the frame or the cap head bolts holding the frame together.

quantom hobbyking

Over Facebook I was sent the Emax motor specs.
From this I imported it in to CAD and traced around the bottom of the motor can and scaled it to size.  The bottom of the motor can is a strange shape, though it has standard 12 x 16mm M2 mounting holes as you can see.city.

I then sent over FB of photo of what I had designed.  The spacer is 3mm high and 25mm diameter.

Yes its larger than the motor can but that was requested.

A simple design to a simple problem for a change.

This is a photo of the motor mount locations.  As you can see the place where the motor will sit has cut out that may aid cooling of the motors.  That’s why the 3mm spacers are shaped the way they are so as not to block the passage of cooling air.

The motor spacers were printed in black ABS and posted off together with a 10mm Fight control board riser kit.  The spacer board come in two flavors 10 and 12mm spacing.  These are CNC routed from Black FR4 which is perfect as t does not conduct electricity.u can see.

quantom hobbyking

With the 3mm spacers fitted the prop will now clear both the main frame and the cap head bolt.

It looks like this problem would not happen with Emax 2208 motors as there are 5mm taller.  But Hobbyking do list that 1806 – 2208 motor would work.  May be some 1806 are taller than the Emax ones? but i would not of thought so.

Happy Days

These spacer parts can be located here

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