3D Printing Rapid Prototyping

A fast 3D design and printing service.

We can either fine tune your design and 3D print it or design a 3D model from your idea’s.

If you require a custom design / manufactured part to enable you to install something, we are able to design your part using 3D CAD software, and then print it in house

3D CAD design camera mountHere we have a 3D model of a pocket sized camera that was required to be positioned below a small multirotor helicopter. The camera had to be angled at 10 degrees. This would allow the camera to be pointing straight down to earth when the multi-rotor was flying forwards.

The Client sent the camera, so that we could actually model around it.

The base of the camera mount needed four 9mm holes to allow silicone anti-vibration bobbins to be installed which attaches the complete unit to the underside of the aircraft.

The mount was quickly designed and a 3D PDF file and photos were sent to the client for comments. Once the design was signed off, it was 3D printed in Yellow ABS.


3D Printing
3D Printing