Electrical Insulation / Insulators gaskets

Electrical Insulation gasket isolator shims spacers, spacers, shims, gaskets are usually manufactured from a material that restricts the flow of electric current.

Materials like Fr4, Gp03, Mylay, Preepahn, PTFE etc., can be used to meet your requirements

We have the ability to machine electrical insulation laminates into many customize sizes and shapes according to drawings or samples.

Typical applications include: Gaskets, punched component, switch gear, terminal strips, test boards, washers, bushing, bearing, gears, insulating spacers, tap changer, motors, scrapers, switchboards, sockets, insulator and many other machinery parts.

GPO3 available in both red and white is a nice material to machine.  Made from chopped strand of fibreglass and resin Its made for the “switch gear” industry.  Available in various sheet thicknesses.  Like all resin laminates it creates alot of dust when being machined but don’t worry we wash the parts before dispatched so they should be ready to use

Data Sheet found here

GPO3 insulation gasket plate

GPO3 Edge finish

GPO3 Insulation plate

GPO3 Edge Finish

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