Precision CNC Milling

CNC Precision Milling

CNC milling of tough laminates including G10, G11, Fr4, and many others

Super Edge Finish

Super smooth edge finish. All parts are ready to use with no Client clean up required

Milling of Tough Laminates

We are able to CNC mill a wide range of tough laminates. These include G10, G11, Fr4.   Milling is different from routing a much finer tolerance can be achieved, though this process is much more expensive and the lead times are much longer.  Parts as shown below are best created using a MILLING machine, where 2D parts can be cut using a CNC router

Full 3D CAD / CAM

All designs are processed using up todate 3D CAD / CAM software

Machining and Assembly

Precision CNC machined tough laminates and plastic components and assemblies. A wide range of components can be produced from synthetic resin bonded sheets, angles or tubes combined with metal parts and supplied as assemblies.

Design Assessment

The Clients design drawings will be assessed, for materials selection, material choice, tolerances, size and operational conditions. Designs once initially checked will be passed on to the machine shop to generate prototype models.


Fully functional engineering prototypes, for testing and evaluation are produced. These will be dimensionally accurate engineering prototype models, in advance of the main production series. Various types of machines are used, CNC Machining Centre, CNC Routing and Milling all controlled via full 3D CAD-CAM software systems with high skilled operators.

Circular CNC macining
Circular CNC channels
CNC angled clamps
CNC insulation gasket

Frequently Asked Questions

What file formats can you work with?
We are able to import a wide range of computer file formats.  For complex 3D models from Autodesk , and solidworks files.  For basic two dimension parts DXF files are perfect.
Layered Drawing Files
Its best to follow the normal drawing stands when creating your files.   Use the layering system, this greatly improves our productivity.
Double lines
We quite often open files that have double lines, lines drawn over lines.  Sometimes these are hard to detect but with most CAD software but you should be able to check your file before sending it to us.

Our CAD software is normally quite good and detecting and deleting these but some confusion can occur if the lines are not 100% identical, as then we don’t which one to delete.

Illustrator / Vector Type Files
Illustrator and other vector type graphic programs are not the best suited at creating line drawings in place of CAD type of packages.  Often we receive these file generated via these types of programs and circles for example are not all ways round.  This is because circles and arcs are made up from many short line segments joined together to form the shape, unlike a CAD program that will have a start/finish point and how the line connects between them.

We are still able to import these types of files but clean up time is regularly needed for us the be able to generate of Gcode cutting files.


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