In any flying aircraft, vibration is something that you really need to avoid. Even a small amount of it, can damage the air-frame, effect its flying characteristics and effect the performance of the flight control board.

Vibration can be reduced with a good design, careful construction, and good set-up. Set-up is everything, this can not be stressed enough. Time spent in this area will make any aircraft fly better, especially important when carrying a camera and for first person view (FPV).

Anything that rotates will create some form of vibration and/or harmonics. Don’t just spend time experimenting with camera gimbals and anti vibration mounts under your camera or video recorder, GoPro or Mobius. Check your propellers and motors for balance and that the center of gravity is correct. Take time with your propellers and get them correctly balanced.
Even when using an expensive motor(s) or carbon propeller(s) they require to be checked for correct balance.
You will find a lot about anti “jello” ideas on the web, using all sorts of things, from ear plugs, foams, gels, velcro etc. we use silicone dampers of various types within our designs.

Applications upon a modern smart phone can be used to measure vibration on various parts of you design. These are normally free to down load and use, and i would recommend you try some.



In aircraft’s with intelligent flight control electronics, as DJI Naza, Open Pilot, Arducopter APM, etc.,it is vitally important that these units are isolated from vibration. Within the central flight controller there could be several sensitive sensors that need to be isolated from any vibration and, perhaps, wind and light.

Great care should be taken when installing your flight electronics into your aircraft. Follow the manufacturers instructions and ensure that you are 100% happy that the unit is correctly connected and calibrated. Ensure that you have programmed the fail safe setting correctly and that you have tested their operation before your initial flight.

We are currently unable to help with individual cases regarding installation and set-up of radio and flight control equipment. We will however be posting detailed video of the installation of flight electronics within our designs once fully developed. You can follow us upon our YouTube channel were you will find installation video for our products and helpful information on installation and set-up of other equipment.

Should you require any form of anti-vibration mounting for you installation that is currently not available in our store, please contact us or send us detailed drawings of your requirements and we will be able to produce it for you.