Welcome to Gaatech’s Blog all about CNC – Routing – Machining – Laser engraving and Cutting – 3D Printing, Cutting Carbon Fiber Fr4 G10 – 3D CAD Design – 2D CAD Design – LP Vinyl Wall Clocks

Welcome to the Gaatech Blog Post, it will be about everything we get up to. Subject that we be covered are:-

CNC Routing

mini quad fpr racer Welcome to the Gaatech Blog Post

mini quad 3K carbon frame ready to add electronic and FRV

We will cover our CNC router which has a 2.2Kw spindle, is driven by Mach3 and has a vacuum hold down bed.  We use the machine for all of our work and to trim down larger sheets of 3K Carbon Fiber and Fr4 / G10 into small sheets sizes that appear in our webstore.


FR4 white red black green g10 laminate sheet fr4 g10 laminate sheet Welcome to the Gaatech Blog Post

Coloured FR4 G10 Sheets in various sheet sizes, colours and thickness

Fr4, G10, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Laminates, Vinyl:- We have good stock of Black Fr4 / G10 and a small supply of red and white.  We stock enough 3K carbon fiber to keep up with demand.  Our Carbon come from Germany so it only normally take 5 to 7 days to have to DHL to us.

3D Printing

ultimaker 2We will be increasing our 3D printing output by adding another machine at the end of Dec 2016.  We currently have an Ultimaker 2.  We mainly print at this time in ABS, though we do have PLA, Nylon and PET.






Laser Cutting & Engraver

We will be installing a laser engraver/cutter in a few months, so look about for the blog posts.

LP Record Wall Clocks

LP record wall clock Welcome to the Gaatech Blog Post

Wall Clock made from an LP record

We design and make wall clocks from old LP’s.  We CNC route old vinyl LP records and produce wall clock from them

This list will grow over time, but that’s so much to get started with.

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